Our Board of Directors guides our effort to ensure that students receive the support they need to succeed.

Board of Directors, President

Jurgen JAKAM

Jurgen’s journey began in Cameroon, where he earned his degree in Electrical Engineering and gained diverse experience across various industries, including Internet Service Providers, Education, and IT Project Management consulting. Upon relocating to the United States, Jake delved into the realm of Oil and Gas Services, where he held roles ranging from Field Project Engineer to Project Management. His professional trajectory eventually led him to an AI company based in the US, where he currently contributes his expertise.

Driven by a profound passion for empowering individuals, Jurgen has always been deeply involved in mentoring and guiding students. Starting as a young leader with organizations such as in its Campus Life strategy and PRADI (Professional with Difference), he dedicated himself to coaching students and young professionals and assisting them in crafting a path to success in the pivotal early stages after high school.

Jurgen’s dedication to people and his commitment to fostering growth and development reflect his belief in mentorship and guidance’s transformative power. His journey exemplifies resilience, adaptability, and a steadfast dedication to making a positive impact on others’ lives.

Board of Directors, Treasurer

Rachel JAKAM

Rachel’s journey began in Cameroon, where she pursued her education and obtained a Master’s degree in International Relations from IRIC Cameroon. Her academic pursuits led her further to the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, where she acquired a Master’s degree in Accountancy, demonstrating a diverse range of skills and knowledge.

Rachel embarked on her professional career in Cameroon, initially focusing on Marketing and Project Management roles before transitioning to Finance in the United States. Currently, she serves as a finance professional, holding the position of Strategic Planning Analyst for a Fortune 100 company.

The invaluable mentorship she received facilitated Rachel’s successful integration into her new environment, highlighting the significance of guidance and support in navigating professional endeavors.

Rachel and her husband have two amazing daughters.

Board of Directors, Secretary


Sonia embarked on her path to becoming a Doctor of Pharmacy at the Universite des Montagnes, Cameroon. She currently serves as a pharmacist in an Officine in Cameroon.  

Sonia’s pursuit of higher education necessitated a separation from her familial roots and the city she called home. This relocation imposed challenges as she struggled to balance academic endeavors with the responsibilities of self-sufficiency and distance from loved ones.

Sonia’s journey highlights the profound sacrifices often made by students pursuing higher education, particularly in contexts where geographical separation from family is inevitable.

Sonia and her husband have a wonderful son.

Board of Directors


Tatiana’s upbringing in Cameroon laid the foundation for her journey as a resilient entrepreneur and advocate for educational empowerment. A graduate of the University of Douala with a Bachelor’s in Communication, she is a dynamic force in the business world, co-owning multiple enterprises that contribute to local economies and communities.

Through her own adversities, Tatiana gained firsthand insight into the formidable obstacles confronting students from underprivileged backgrounds. Reflecting on her experiences, she recognizes the critical role that comprehensive support and mentorship play in enabling individuals to overcome barriers to education and achieve their aspirations. Tatiana’s path to success was marked by personal challenges, notably the loss of her father during her student years. This profound loss not only left an emotional impact but also imposed significant financial strain, compelling Tatiana to temporarily halt her education to support her family, particularly ensuring her younger brother’s continued access to schooling. She stands ready to provide the guidance, resources, and encouragement necessary to propel them toward academic success and fulfillment.

Tatiana and her husband have four remarkable children.

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