“I am a student engineer at the National Higher Polytechnic School of MAROUA. Naturally, I am required to pay my academic tuition fees every semester, but sometimes, there are delays due to my financial instability. In November 2023, our campus director, Uncle Joseph WAHYAN, informed me about the Edu-Excel program. I submitted my application by filling out an online form and subsequently obtained a scholarship that allowed me to pay my tuition fees.

Thanks to this scholarship, I was able to pay for my studies on time and focus more on my work rather than worrying about how to afford them. I am greatly reassured by the timely payments, and I can continue my academic journey worries-free.

I thank the Lord for the grace He has bestowed upon me through the Edu-Excel program.

My academic results are excellent. I wish to work with Edu-Excel to light lamps of hope in the hearts of young Christians. To help them find their path and achieve academic success.

Thank you, Edu-Excel.”