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In 2012, I had the privilege of meeting Josy, a determined student at the University of Douala. Facing financial hardships and lacking support, Josy demonstrated exceptional ambition and work ethic by offering to work as a househelp in my apartment to sustain herself financially and cover her tuition fees. Despite the demanding nature of her responsibilities, Josy meticulously fulfilled her duties with punctuality and dedication.
I vividly recall an instance where Josy encountered a significant challenge. Due to her commitment to work, she missed an exam that had been rescheduled by her teacher on short notice, resulting in a setback caused by limited resources and communication barriers. Despite this setback, Josy persevered with unwavering determination.
Despite facing numerous obstacles along her academic journey, Josy's resilience and tenacity ultimately led to her graduation, albeit two (02) years later than anticipated

We want people like her to be able to focus on their studies more than on looking for ways to fund them. We want to coach and mentor them while seeing them thriving for a bright future.

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