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At EduExcel we strongly believe that a generation can be empowered by education. And that the fate of a “third-world” country can be totally changed if we invest in its youth by creating opportunity through education and training.

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I met Raphael some eleven (11) years ago. He had just cleared high school and was looking forward to the years ahead. He wanted to attend Accounting school and get a double major in Project Management, graduate and get a job as soon as he could. Normally it should take 5 years or so to accomplish that. But Raphael will only graduate with a Master in Project Management in 2019. It took eleven years to accomplish what should have been 5 years of hard work. in 2008 I was still a student struggling myself to get through but I was more fortunate than Raphael to get the needed support. Raphael often had to work in a nearby farm and sell his product to fund his education and have a living, as his father (his mother had passed away) couldn’t provide for him. Unfortunately, he often missed dateline, opportunity to study, etc to make it through on time. But he never gave up. Raphael was accepted in our program for the year 2017/2018 then 2018/2019. With the tuition at least funded he could dedicate more time to study and clear the remaining two years before graduation. We are proud of his accomplishment. His first project is on its way to realization.

In the year 2012 I met Josy. She was a student in the nearby university Josy had no one to provide for her. Ambituous and hard-worker she offered to work as a maid in my appartment so that she can make money and fund her living expenses as well as cover her tuition fees. She set the schedule and always showed up on time to get her job done. I recall her missing an exam that was scheduled in shortnotice by the teacher the same day and time she was at work; she didn’t get the notice on tine as she didn’t stop by the campus everyday due to lack of resources and the need to save the little she had for the scheduled class.

We want people like Raphael and Josy to be able to focus on their studies more than on looking for ways to fund them.

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